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Ten Tips for Travelling With Leather Luggage

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We all know that travelling can be rough–on our bodies, on our vehicles, and on our fine leather goods. Although Italian leather is known for its beauty, durability, and high quality, our habits can have a huge impact on its longevity and appearance. For all the frequent flyers and road trippers, we’ve got tips for keeping your leather luggage clean and conditioned while on the road.

Tips for daily use.

  • Whether you’re toting a messenger bag, suitcase, or duffel, your leather will retain its original shape for longer if you avoid stretching it. To ensure that their shapes remain intact, don’t overfill your leather travel bags past their capacity.
  • Simple day-to-day care can significantly lengthen the life of your luxury leather goods. After use, gently wipe down your leather travelling bags with a soft cloth, ensuring that any dust, dirt, or grime is removed from the surface. 
  • When it comes to Italian leather toiletry bags, you can significantly reduce stains and wear by placing lipsticks, foundations, skincare products, and other liquids in a separate, leak-proof case. Even professional leather cleaners can have a difficult time removing makeup stains from leather!

Rain mishaps, water stains, and general cleaning. 

  • Whether you’re riding on a train or an airplane, genuine Italian leather is high quality, and therefore demands a high level of care. Ensure that your Italian leather toiletry bags and carry-on duffel bags are kept out of prolonged direct sunlight. 
  • Similarly, take an umbrella with you! Leather doesn’t much like water. 
  • If your travel bag gets stained, take care of it now rather than later. Stains are best treated immediately with a damp cloth. If your stain is particularly tough, try a 1:1 solution of water and white vinegar. Always spot test in an inconspicuous place before applying. 
  • Avoid using any harsh solvents or cleansing agents on your luxury leather carry on bags and suitcases. A cloth dampened with water is sufficient for most light cleaning applications. 
  • What if your leather traveling bag gets wet? Don’t panic. Dry it near an open window or in a well-aerated space, but avoid placing it near a heat source. 

The trip is over, but your luggage needs some TLC.

  • After a trip, it’s a great idea to give your leather messenger, tote, or suitcase a quick clean & condition. Perform a final wipe down to remove dust and grime, and follow it up with a high quality leather conditioner. Regular conditioning ensures that your leather won’t dry out or deteriorate prematurely. Always spot test your conditioner before applying. 
  • When you’re not using your leather travel bags, don’t store them in tight, plastic bags or boxes. Opt instead for a breathable cotton cover. Consider stuffing some non-transferable tissue paper inside of the bag to maintain its shape. 

If you own luxury leather, you probably already know that genuine Italian leather is made to last a lifetime. All it takes is a little care and consideration, and your leather carry ons and weekender bags will be ready for countless adventures ahead.