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Why Totare?

Our Story 

Calcutta, India. Taking in the deep burgundy and canary yellow hues, the mingling scents of coriander, cumin, and turmeric enticed Gary Grewal to reminisce about the days of his youth, in a tiny community just outside the city limits of Calcutta. He strolled through the familiar market, dodging laughing children as they wove throughout the crowd and squeezed between booths, only to reappear at the end of the aisle, taunting their pursuers. Their mirth was amplified by the sounds of sitar and tabla, wafting throughout the brightly colored tents. Fingers tracing an intricate design on a silken sari, the man mused that, even after immigrating to the United States and traveling the world on business affairs, there was still no place like his home near Calcutta. As he meandered down the row, sunlight glinted against gold chains and bangles, but only one thing caught his eye - the perfect picture of leathercraft. Our founder was drawn to this leather bag that stood out from its humble surroundings. It was handcrafted—supple, carefully tanned leather, brought together by the most impeccable hand stitching. This simple tote promised a long relationship with its future owner while inviting him into nostalgic meditation through its classic style and traditional, top-tier materials. The man began to see a future led by this single leather bag. He sought out its creator, a local artisan. Thus, the first thread of Totare was sewn.

Paying homage to their humble origins, Totare leather luxury bags embody the charm and authenticity of Gary's hometown. True to our heritage, our bags continue to be handcrafted by Calcutta’s traditional methods used by the world’s most talented leather artisans. The exquisite craftsmanship of each bag evokes both a sense of nostalgia and ardent appreciation for the meticulous dedication of its creator. Totare totes and handbags will partner with you for life. The perfect companion for any voyage or adventure, our beautiful and durable leather bags will safely transport your personal items in style.

Commitment to Quality

As a business traveler, quality luggage is essential. Our founder, both a traveler and a garment industry veteran, is familiar with the complexities and requirements of domestic and international travel. Traversing the globe in search of the highest quality leather, superior zippers, and dually practical and aesthetically appealing designs—his years and miles of research yielded a worthy result - the perfect luxury leather bags. 

Combining the most innovative concepts with traditional leather craftsmanship, Totare refuses to conform to the standards of industrial mass production. Each Totare bag is handcrafted by exceptionally talented genuine leather artisans, with extreme attention to detail, exemplifying classic leathercraft.

Giving Back

Totare is dedicated to leaving a lasting footprint of positive change. Wherever our bags go—we strive to bring a celebration of culture and craftsmanship, along with the security of knowing your luggage won’t let you down when it matters most. Committed to enhancing the daily lives of individuals all over the world, one of our initiatives includes giving back to the very community that inspired the Totare brand by employing local artisans. 

Join us as we continuously strive to reach beyond our current imprint, extending our influence of artistic celebration and positive change to communities throughout the world.